"An error occurred loading this content" with Plex and iOS 12 (Atmos disabled)


I’m using Infuse to play content from my Plex server (latest version at the time of writing). I don’t have any Atmos speakers so it’s disabled, as mentioned in the post pinned in this forum for iOS 12 Beta users.

If I click on “Refresh” at the view here I see the episode list and then click Playback it starts immediately and doesn’t have any problem for the duration of the episodes. Afterwards I have to refresh again before playing the next episode.

Does anyone have similar problems?


Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Is this a new issue from today’s 5.8.1 update, or has it happened before?

If you have’t updated to 5.8.1 yet, can you try that to see if it changes anything?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. This was with version 5.8, but I just updated to 5.8.1 and had the same issue. It’s not even sporadically, it’s just on every episode that I launch, then I click on Refresh to update the metadata and then it works. Sometimes refreshing the metadata gives me a “An error occured, the operation could not be completed” message but then it works if I play it again and the refresh went through.

Anything that I could help to debug this?

Edit: I have the logs of the Plex server but would not like to post them publicly, if there’s a way to send to you directly I’ll do that.

Edit2: Just sent diagnostic information via the app and included the Plex logs in the email, the code is ESX0R

I have the same issue since yesterday. Unfortunately, the refresh doesn’t solve the issue for me. Every programme I’m trying to watch on my ATV 4K or iPhone causes this error. And yet the same programme plays fine in Plex on my ATV and iPhone.

My Plex Media Server is running on a Mac mini. The day the issue with the Infuse error message started, there had been a power cut earlier in the day. This must have caused some issue for Infuse. Yesterday, I rebooted the Mac mini and since then Infuse has been working fine again, it’s playing the recorded programmes now.

I have a feeling this happens more if I play something without waiting for the loading spinner in the top right corner in the main menu to finish. Maybe Plex is refreshing and changing paths etc and then Infuse can’t find it?

I get the feeling it’s to do with the mounting of the filesystem, I have my movies on a SMB 3.1.1 NAS share, when I first open infuse the movie doesn’t play. I then go thru the settings and the add favourite option on the share, thereby browsing the filesystem. After that the movie seems to play reliably. What I also try sometimes is to quit infuse and re-start it.