"An error occurred loading this content." Infuse Pro 5.9, Apple TV 3

Hello. I’ve tested this issue with four common video formats, AVI, M4V, MKV, MP4 as well as wirelessly over wifi and hard wired with an ethernet cable. I’m wondering if anyone else is having any issues playing video files with Infuse Pro 5.9 on an Apple TV - 3rd Generation [1080p]? My files keep getting interrupted with a blank screen that says this, “An error occurred loading this content.”. It happens anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes. It makes watching movies impossible. Perhaps there was a recent automatic upgrade that affected my system? Could it be a 5.9 issue? Infuse was working flawlessly for me for quite a while now and now this. Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

My files are stored on a Synology RS2414+.

Any suggestions, FireCore?


I get this every time I pause playback for several minutes. It’s like the pause loses the connection to the source drive. I usually need to exit the playback screen and start again, but some times I need to completely exit Infuse.

I’m on AppleTV4, Infuse 5.9, using Google Drive.

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Welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble.

If you are able to send in a quick report from your device it may help us see what’s going on here.

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After you send in the report that James asked for you may want to check what you have for settings on the NAS regarding “Hibernation”. I found in the past that if I paused long enough for the server to go to sleep and then tried to resume I got the same error. Your NAS be set to a short time so that when Infuse buffers enough to stream before the next draw the NAS may be going to sleep.

It’s a long shot but it would explain what you’re seeing.


I’ll add to that: turn any power saving/hibernation/drive spin down features off. NAS devices are so power efficient now a days the power saving features barely impact your power bill.

Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah, I sent in a report at the same time I created this thread.

The thing is, it’s a new issue. It was working fine for a long time. I’m not physically pausing the video playbacks when I’m getting the error messages. The error messages happen while the videos are being played. If you guys mean the drives themselves are momentarily disconnecting while sections of loaded video play, well that’s a whole other thing that I’ll have to explore. I’ll click around on my NAS a bit. Hopefully FireCore might have some tips as well.

Thanks again for your ideas. I’ll look into hibernation mode-like settings.

As a test, next time it happens don’t touch any controls and check all of the status lights on your NAS. Let us know which are lite and those that aren’t .

I’m having similar issues here on the Apple TV 4K streaming files from my Synology DS 418j. Only started about 2-3 weeks back.

All the lights on the NAS are on when it happens, so i doubt its a hibernation issue?

I seem to have found the root cause for my case. I’m using a Netgear X6 R8000 router and have an IP reserved for the NAS.

It seems that as of a few weeks ago, one of them decided to not play nice with the other. The Synology would appear and disappear from the list of attached devices to the router. Disabling the IP reservation feature seems to have temporarily fixed the issue.

Does your NAS have two Ethernet ports? My 416play does and I had old balancing enabled through my Synology. The netgear series of routers doesn’t like it.

My system seems to be working perfectly once again. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what achieved this because as of today, all of my settings are set the same as they were they day I created this post.

Thanks for all the great suggestions and support everyone. Infuse and it’s community are awesome! If the issue creeps back in, I’ll keep the Infuse team in the loop!

Happy Holidays!