"An error occurred loading this content" - Google Drive

I’m going on my second time with this error.

After almost 1.5 hours of a movie, it just stopped playing back and then I got the same “download exceeded” on google drive.

My guess is that the file is access, buffered some, and then reaccessed again moments later.

Google is like counting each “reaccess” as another download. Who knows how many hits that is over time.

Just a hunch

That’s my guess, too. I used to have this problem when streaming Google Drive directly to my Apple TV with via iTunes.

It seemed like using Infuse was a way around that problem until this started happening a few weeks ago.

I have been noticing the same issue with my g suite 40-80GB video files (especially 4K remuxes)… every 2-3 days I’m getting the ban for 24 hours. It’s getting to be a real pain and I’m really hoping there’s a work around for infuse where we wouldn’t get hit by this ban so often…

I found this article about the quota issue:

I really hope these bans dont mean that google drive is looking into the files and could potentially ban me us for good… thoughts?

I just got the error again while watching a movie, about 1.5 hours in it just says “An error occurred loading this content” and can’t play anything.
Checked on drive.google.com and it’s an API ban… again.
I removed some old content a few weeks ago to make sure the problem was not due to indexing the large library, but the error have occurred twice since and now I “only” have around 100 movies and a few shows. Both times in the middle of a watch.

This really needs to be fixed

it’s keep happening and is frustrating.

this month is my renewal of infuse pro and i’m thinking to not renew because as we can see nobody from the APP is telling anything and they don’t fix the problem at all.

I believe the next release v6.5.6 will have Google Drive improvements. Hopefully that will resolve any issues your having.

It could possibly be an issue on Googles side too.

How far out is v6.5.6 @james?

I’ve found switching streaming cache from “auto” to “legacy” has helped tremendously. It seems that in auto infuse is cacheing too much of the file causing api bans. Using legacy, skipping around the video takes longer to load but I haven’t had an API ban in quiet a while.

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have you tried with some 4K remux?

Same here just watching a 2160p remux. :confused:

Please fix this issue.

no solution here yet?