An error occurred loading this content error from Google Drive

Im getting the error “An error occurred loading this content” when playing movies or videos from Google Drive.
I deleted the app on the Apple TV, but the error still occurs with every file. Yesterday I was able to play these files without any problems. Also a direct access to the GSuite via a browser doesn’t cause any problems.


If I access the Share folder and the files via another account, the playback works.


I have the same problem by one dive


would be great to hear from someone official whether anyone is looking into this problem!

I have the same problem, but with my NAS… after about 60 min the same message appears
An error occurred loading this content
It happens with any kind of files, it’s really annoying because otherwise it works great!
Anyone has any idea to help me please? Thanks!!

In some cases, if Google thinks you are accessing too many files within a short period of time it can place a temporary limit on your account, which would prevent Infuse from accessing it.

Normally, this will clear up within a few hours, but you can usually reach out to Google and they will provide more info.

That problems occures just with infuse, not via web, drive, kodi etc. So google bans the API just for infuse?

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diagnostic code: AF12M

Would help if the exact error is shown in the prompt.

My issue is that only the playback shows the error. When I do a speed test on Google Drive within infuse on a big file, the Speedtest works. So, Google didn’t ban the API. Also, scanning metadata works too. This has been the case for around 20 hours.

Obviously, Google Drive works fine on all platforms except in Infuse playback.

I have the same issue. I think this issue is due to proxy in the college LAN. If there was option for proxy setup inside infuse, there wouldn’t be such issue, ig.
Other player like nPlayer also doesn’t stream on the said LAN