"An error occurred loading this content." dialog pops up (regression in 5.7.3)

Version: Infuse Pro 5.7.3
iOS: iPhone X (11.4 / 11.3.2)

Settings > General > Show iTunes Videos: ON
Settings > General > Metadata Fetching: OFF
Settings > General > Embedded Metadata: ON

This is a regression introduced in Version 5.7.3.
Neither 5.7.1 nor 5.7.2 exhibit this problem ever.

While I’m watching videos from iTunes library, all of the sudden a dialog pops up (attached: error.jpg) saying:
“An error occurred”
“An error occurred loading this content.”

I have never ever seen it until the latest version 5.7.3.
While I’m watching videos for 20 minutes on my way home, I encounter this error twice or three times on average.

Once this error occurs, the video disappears from Up Next List, then next time I open the video, the video starts playing from the beginning. This is very annoying.

Would you mind sending in a quick report from your device? You can post the code that appears in this thread if you like, so you won’t need to send an email or open a ticket.

I see this issue every time I pause playback for more than a few minutes. I use Google Drive as a data source. Maybe that’s related. I just have to go back to the item and hit play again, and it starts without issue. It seems after a few minutes Infuse gets disconnected.