An Error Occurred for all files

As of this morning, all tv shoes and movies are not playing and displaying an error occurred. Any ideas what may have made this happen. All files live in google drive.

My movies archive is ok but TV episodes completely gone, I erased all files and scanned again but same.

Are you saying that all of your TV files are gone from Google Drive? What do you mean you scanned again but same? The files are still missing or do you mean that the metadata is missing?

What files did you erase?

If it’s just the metadata missing that is due to thetvdb being down and Infuse not being able to scrape the metadata.

Oh yes I meant metadata , I did not know that thetvdb is down. So that is the problem of mine, thank you.

Files are now playing. Maybe google drive was down too.

One of the sites that tracks uptime was showing Google drive with a pretty big spike in complaints in the last 24 hours. They may have been rolling out an update to their servers or something.

Post again if it happens again.

Just FYI, if you have a situation where it happens again you can check on the metadata sources on the “Status” link at the bottom of the forum web pages

You’re welcome!

Around midnight last night I got the error occurred message for all files again. Still can’t play anything.

24 hr google ban?

The error occcured is showing up on all files again. Can this be a google drive ban issue?