“An error occurred - an error occurred loading this content”

Hey there,

Was wondering if anybody else has run into this issue or has any suggestions.

For some pieces of media I get this error “an error occurred - an error occurred loading this content”. I’ve validated the files on my Mac, they are fine and play fine. I’ll have this happen side by side with content ripped off the same DVD which does work fine.

I did a bit of searching and saw some people had similar issues waiting for a server or media drive to start up. I don’t believe that’s my issue as I can’t get some media to play, regardless how many times I try.

Any advice would be appreciate.

Running an Apple TV 4K with the latest OS and a WD MyCloud as the sourced. All hardwired over Ethernet.


Welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the trouble, but if you are able to send in a report the next time this happens we can look further into what may be going on here.