"An error occurred" "access denied"

When I’m trying to access a library that I shared (from PC) I get the message “An error occurred” “access denied”
Why is that?
I already have a shared library but the new one that I’m trying to access is on a different drive.

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Was this drive working before, and now just stopped working?

One thing to check is the sharing settings on your PC for this particular drive, as these can vary between folders and drives. You may have access to one drive, but not the other.

Also, you will want to ensure you’ve entered both a username and password in Infuse to connect, as leaving these blank will result in Infuse connecting as a guest which can also limit what folders/drives you can access.

Hi James,
When I started to use Infuse I set a library and I was never asked for a user name nor password although I saw in the manual that it is required. Where do I get the user name and password from?

This would be the username and password used to log in to your PC.

These can be added by navigating to Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit.