An error occurred” “access denied” after Mac Big Sur update

All the settings are correct and unchanged but still I get “access denied”.
my other (older) MacBook Pro doesn’t have these issues.
Settings are the same on both computers.

I guessing you’re talking about the Big Sur update being on the Mac which is serving your files to Infuse.

One other recent OS update stopped the sharing and people found that if you turned off file sharing on the Mac, restarted and then turned file sharing back on it fixed things. Maybe the same for Big Sur.

Too bad, it did not work. It was a good idea though. I did what you suggested, and also restarted and rebooted ATV, and infuse, but no luck. Also switched off all the protection that Command-R could provide. Nothing seems to work.

The strange thing is that I upgradet two MacBook pro’s one 2015 and the other recent 2019. The 2015 Mac doesn’t have this problems, and connects smoothly. The 2019 Mac is not able to connect and gets “Acces denied”, whatever I try. Comparing both doesn’t solve the problem. In this case possibly because I don’t know where to look.

To be even more specific, Infuse makes the connection with the drive, but as soon as I try to open a drive or a folder, I get “Acces Denied”. The access is provided in the “Sharing” folder as well as in the information window of the drive. Weird.

Does Firecore have time to investigate this issue? For now I can’t use the application I payed well for.

There are a few things to check.

  1. SMB is enabled on your Mac (more info here
  2. At least one user is selected under ‘Windows File Sharing’ (as shown under ‘Advanced Options’ in the link above)
  3. The folders/drives you wish to share are added to the list of Shared Folders
  4. Selected username and password are being entered in Infuse

Note: iCloud username/password cannot be used. If you’re using an iCloud ID to log in to your Mac, you will need to set up a new ‘Sharing Only’ user as described here:

Also, if you’ve recently installed an update for macOS, you may need to disable and then re-enable File Sharing to get it working again.

Hi, I had the same issue. I could connect via the files app but infuse was a no go over the user password error. Even Everyone wasn’t working.

When I added the Windows File Sharing user on the Mac it started working for me.
Thanks a bunch

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Hi James, Hi James,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure if SMB is active. If I choose Advanced Options for the shared folder, SMB is chosen, but greyed out and I can’t change it. The same is for every option.

For the rest everything should be ok. “Windows File Sharing”, all the folders I wish to share. and my ICloud ID is not the login password.

The trick of disable File Sharing, restarting and re-enable File Sharing did not work.

Hi James, It looks like the problem is solved. I had two user versions of myself. What eventually the reason was why the sharing did not work I don’t know. Maybe because both users had the same password. I deleted the not-used user (a version of myself), and suddenly the problem was gone. The remark about using the AppleID for password might have put me on the right track, I guess. Anyway It was an annoying experience after purchasing a new MacBook Pro. But things slowly are coming around.
Thanks again.

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