An error occured - Unknown (Dropbox)

Hi there, last night I was happily streaming a movie that is on my Dropbox, all connected and all movies with artwork all showing properly. Nothing has been moved or changed, however I am now getting ‘An error occured - Unknown’ when pressing play on any movie. I’ve tried downloading and testing speed on a few of them and the error is the same, almost as if it is referencing a missing file. But the files are there on the server.

If I try it with OneDrive (which I also have connected, it works fine, as do local movies.

If you could suggest anything I’d be really grateful. Thanks!

What happens when you try to access the Dropbox via the Files section of Infuse?
I mainly use OneDrives and, albeit rarely, sometimes have had to reconnect them.

If I access Dropbox through the files section of Infuse, I can see all the folders, the ones that are starred and it seems ok. I’ve disconnected Dropbox, removed everything from Infuse (left all my working OneDrive videos) - and then re-added and authorised it, then add the folders I want - it still shows the same error.

I should add that I’ve tried my iOS version of Infuse and it’s showing the same error. Do you think Dropbox have limited my ability to access the files remotely?

I don’t know. I remember they used have a limit on how much you can stream daily and reached the limit very quickly because they counted 20GB each time I streamed even 1s of a 20GB video.

I have been avoiding Dropbox for a long time and moved to iCloud for most stuff.

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Yes, we are off topic. It’s doing it to all movies regardless of where they are from (home movies included) and as I said in my original post I was happy watching a movie until I stopped it to try a new setting and then everything broke.

It’s highly unlikely that DB just decided at that moment to block all my files stored with them.

The only thing I did differently is to find a setting on my MBP that allowed me to watch via HDMI on my TV in native 24hz, to avoid motion judder.