“An error occured loading this content” constantly

I’m receiving the error message “An error occured loading this content” while watching movies constantly, and can’t figure out the origin of it. I checked the power settings on my MacBook Pro and confirmed putting hard drives to sleep is disabled, and I have prevent computer from going to sleep when display is off enabled.

Here’s my stuff:
2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch
Verizon Quantum Gateat 802.11ac WiFi
G-Drive USB (245 MB/sec read)
Plex Media Server

Every movie I watch, I have to go back and check computer is still connected, and then close and reopen the movie from Infuse. This happens at least 5 times during every movie. I don’t want to go back to Plex, as this supports way more playback options, but if I can’t get some reliable playback this is hardly worth the effort.

I guess no one has any suggestions?

Have you timed the period before it errors out to see it it’s consistent?

Yes, it doesn’t seem consistent at all. Sometimes it’s very frequent. Other times I can get through a whole movie with it only happening a few times.

These are the kinds of problems that can make you pull your hair out.

Have you tried going all Ethernet wired connections vs WiFi? I’ve had routers cause intermittent problems with things moving around the house and causing the WiFi signal to waver.

Unfortunately, my Verizon ONT comes in at a place in my apartment where it’s virtually impossible to run an ethernet cable from the router to the Apple TV. I really love this player, but it keeps dropping the connection, which I don’t experience in iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or any other service. The fact that this is operating from my internal network and not streaming from an outside source, means it should be more reliable, not less. I also don’t understand why the error message is so non-descript, instead of providing more details like most software. It doesn’t even contain a reference number to the error.

I do appreciate you trying to help though, I’m just a little frustrated at the lack of support. Luckily I’m still on the free trial.

Have you submitted diagnostics reports after this occurs? Often, Firecore can help you out if you send these in.

The instructions are here Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Don’t forget to note your report code.

I’m trying that now. Thanks.

Just thought of one other thing you may want to try. I’m guessing you’re connected via the 5GHZ band on your router, you may want to try the 2.4GHZ band since it’s a bit more fault tolerant even though you won’t be at AC speeds a solid 2.4 connection is sufficient for most streaming.

Just a test to see if that makes a difference.

I’ll give it a shot, although the distance between them isn’t far enough that using 5 Ghz band should make a difference.

Still haven’t heard back from support. Send them an email last Friday…

I know it “should” work at short distances but after over four decades of working with RF signals I’ve been bit by the “should work” thought process more than once. :slight_smile: I have literally had a 5GHZ connection be unstable on the bench with both the router and device 3 feet apart. Seems that another 5GHZ device on the other side of the room was “occasionally” causing just enough interference to make the one under test unreliable. That’s not to say the 2.4GHZ band doesn’t have it’s fair share of gotchas. Cordless phones wreak havoc with that band occasionally and what a joy to figure that out.

It may still be worthwhile to try the 2.4 band or even a Ethernet temporary test.

As to the email, it’s been known that on occasion James removes the leg shackles of the customer support group and lets them roam free on a few weekends a year. This may have been one of those weekends. :wink:

hi everybody, this is happening to me also. But in this case my connection is not wifi. I’m using ethernet connection through PLC adapter. The movies are located in my time capsule directly connected to my router.
Am I doing something wrong? I’m using an Apple TV 4K and the movie is full HD (High Quality)
I have checked and the speed was 90Mb on downloads

First thing I’d do is to try your set up using a Ethernet cable from point to point without the adapters even just temporary to see it that makes a difference. The power line Ethernet adapters may have a quirk as to how they handle certain traffic. I’m assuming that is what you mean by PLC adapter.

If that doesn’t help, I’d say to try changing out one Ethernet cable at a time with a new one, preferably a cat 6 or at least a cat 5E.

Also, what protocol are you using to connect? SMB, FTP, SFTP, DLNA?

Well it’s been 3 weeks since I reported the issue, and the only thing support did was email me last week to say they were looking into it. Infuse is a great player when it works, but the continuous “An error occurred loading this content” is ruining the viewing experience. It happens at least 5 times on every movie.

There just seems to be a lack of technical support, so I’m going to cancel before my subscription kicks in. If you could do something about your support response time, and address the issue I’m describing, I think you would have a great product.

Best wishes, I hope my criticism comes across as constructive.