"An error has occured loading this content"

Hey all, I just recently purchased and installed Infuse 2 for iOS. Since installing I have not been able to watch a single video of any format - AVI, MP4, MKV. Each video that I select from my NAS gives me the error “An error has occured loading this content” - I have tried over 160 different movies and not a single one will play. However, using the same NAS and any other video player that supports network streaming - Goodplayer, oPlayer, Nplayer, VLC all playback the same files perfectly. I have heard that this new io7 version does not work for many many users, is there any type of fix in the works or was this app a complete waste of 5 dollars? Thx

i’m seeing similar errors but it seems to be caused by timeouts on my end. but then sometimes it works (with same files it fails on). sorry i can’t help