An appreciation

Long time user of Infuse here, having my fair share of untroubled use, as well as some problems at times throughout the years.

I won’t bore anyone with the details, but after facing maddening (at the time) problems and trying many similar apps, I always ended up coming back to Infuse, because quite simply, there’s nothing even remotely similar to its functionality in the MacOS/iOS/TVOS world.

After facing a serious Infuse/Jellyfin integration problem last week that rendered my movies collection useless and which was resolved after a few days by the latest Infuse version, I started thinking about this product and the level of commitment, devotion and effort, that for all I know, a single person consistently puts into the app, day in-day out for so many years.

I dread to think where we’d be if Infuse someday shutdown operations and what our alternatives in the iOS/TVOS ecosystem would be. Do I think that Infuse is perfect? Ha, not even close! I would love to have the same customisation options as Kodi! But the truth is that Infuse is miles ahead of the competition, and many of the problems and my gripes with the app have more to do with the lack of customisation that comes with Apple’s sandboxed ecosystem than with Infuse itself.

I work in the support field and deal with customer issues and problems all day. I’m doing this for way too long, so I have the experience to understand that when clients moan and complain (and sometimes extremely rudely!), it’s really nothing personal; they just want their problems resolved. Yet, they only see their side of it and although I do genuinely feel bad about the fact they are having problems, the truth is that its impossible to solve problems that I can’t replicate on my end, or simply due to the fact that sometimes their problems are not really related to my product or service (pretty much like the way iCloud library sync between devices sucks big time in Infuse!)

Anyway, this is getting to be much longer than I expected, so @James, for once this is not a topic about a problem but just a quick(ish!) note to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication, that it’s very much appreciated, and in case you are really the only one working on Infuse, I really hope that you get some people to help you out in the near future!


I mean, Firecore even has this support forum, where you can discuss with other users or even submit suggestions, which will eventually be implemented.
Thank you @firecore Team!

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I was actually gonna create a post like this.

But you pretty much nailed it.