"An Apple TV software update is required to use Netflix" Message

Has anyone else been getting the following message when they open Netflix on their Apple TV?

“An Apple TV software update is required to use Netflix. Go to Settings > General > Update Software”

I can select “Update now” or “Update later”. Update later lets me use Netflix as before, but I am worried about for how long.

I am running the latest version of aTV Flash v. 2.5 on an ATV2 with iOS 5.3.

Is this a common message? It is new to me.

The reply from Netflix is unhelpful. " …this message only opens when you have a iOS lower than 6.0. Apple now is requiring all or most app companies to upgrade to this system, that is why Apple is now asking you to update your Apple version. After you have done the update, you will be able to stream without issue."

I am not sure if Netflix was stop streaming entirely to iOS version 5.3. Does not make sense to force this on all users, as it is a functionality issue and not a security issue.

Im having same issue… Netflix asking to upgrade to latest iOS which is exactly what im running …

Okay, this is irritating. I use both ATV Black and Netflix quite a bit. Don’t want to have to choose.

I guess spoofing the correct string on plist file will do the job… its been described by me in a post.


I’ve spoofed to 6.1.1 as mentioned here:

Netflix works, but as also mentioned in that thread some content doesn’t play back. So it’s not a proper fix.
Guess we need to hope/wait on a new jailbreak!

Nice! but there is no newer iOS version to jailbreak

Sure there is. Apple TV software 6.2.1 can be loaded onto the Apple TV 2.


6.2.1 can’t be jailbroken though, see: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3418

…yet :wink:

Having the same issue, just started showing up a few days ago. But when I click “update later” it works fine though. Is that not everyone else’s experience?

It would’ve happened by now if it was going to happen at all

Dunno about that. Check this comment: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/12601?page=4#comment-89709

I have got the same issue. When I try to update my Apple TV, I get a message that the update failed to install.

I have same issue on 5.2 and wondered if i would gain anything at all updating to 5.3 ? Anyway if i choose Update later Netflix works fine. But can anyone confirm that updating to 5.3 has no effect on this issue?

Thank you

Got this message too. I’m going to try plist/version hack but I know this only makes the message go away and is a temporary solution until Netflix eventually becomes unusable. Having to update means re-jailbreaking and I’ve already been forced to do this in Dec because Netflix stopped working (I was still holding out on 5.2)

At this point I’m 100% sold having both Netflix and the ability to play any media format from a network share (using XBMC now). Updating is a pain for jailbreakers as anyone reading this well knows and if I have to do it again I’m going to look at alternative devices (any ideas?)… or worst case just buy a second appleTV and have one for Netflix and one for XBMC

We’re working on a temporary fix that will hide this message until a permanent solution (which is also in the works) can be put in place.

Please stay tuned.

I think I speak for many people when I say: “Phew!”

This is great news James! Looking forward to it.

Update: We’ve just pushed an update (Maintenance 2.5-18) that will hide the Netflix update prompt.

Stay tuned for more news on a permanent fix.

Splendid! Thank you.