Ambiguous metadata fetching

I have a shared Movie folder. Inside that folder my movies are located inside other folders. Each of these folders are named based on the film inside. Sometimes the movie filename has the same name as the folder but often the file name is something very short and can’t be used for metadata fetching.

The result is that the first movie 100 Streets is not visible in the Library because Infuse can’t get the right metadata.
This is a big issue for me because I have in the Library 48 movies in Other. I don’t find it very useful to edit the metadata for 48 movies.

I think that you should add some customisation of the metadata fetching process. In my case it will be better to use the folder name as the first resource used for metadata fetching. For example Kodi and Plex are fetching metadata as expected.

Currently Infuse will fetch info based on the actual filename, and not the folder - however, if there is only a single movie inside that folder it will flatten it so the folder is displayed as the playable item while browsing via folders (this is irrelevant if you are browsing via the Library).

Anyways, I will pass along your feedback and see if we can look into adding some improvements in this area.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I am looking forward for improvements in that area. Currently this is the only thing that I don’t like about Infuse.

Plex defaults to reading the directory name for matching, and if it is not capable of finding a match, it will use the name of the file within as well. Infuse definitely needs to be improved in this area.

We’ll see what we can do.

PS - Nice signature. :wink:

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Ha, thanks. I’ll look forward to any updates. I’m currently staring at over 3k items in “Other,” and I assure you I keep a pretty conventional filesystem structure. For reference, if Plex had an equivalent “Other” library, there’d be maybe a dozen items in it. The difference in matching is notable.