Amazon Prime

Can you add the service AMAZON PRIME to the wish list of services to put on the Apple TV V2 ?  They have instant on demand video streaming now.  Not sure if I like the $80 per year price for access to 5000 movies and TV shows. 




I agree--please add Amazon.


You can watch Amazon Prime Instant Video in the Firefox browser, if you have Flash installed.  I've been an Amazon Prime member for years and was happy to see Instant Video, but couldn't find anything in these Forums about viewing on aTV.  So I tried it last night and it worked!  (If you have trouble getting the Mobile Air Mouse to work with Firefox, see the post at

I am shocked that I can get FIREFOX, and FLASH, and MOBILE AIR MOUSE to all work and behave, and get AMAZON PRIME to work in them.  is this just on Apple TV 1, or can it work for Apple TV 2?


Firefox, Adobe Flash and Mobile Air mouse are only available for ATV1.

Sorry. :frowning:

I sure would like to tap into y Amazon Prime acct!





agreed, Amazon Prime integration would be great.  $79/year for free 2day shipping and free movies.  They just added 2,000 Fox TV shows and back in July they announced deals with NBC and CBS.

I too would like this added.  Just wanted to add my vote to the suggestion!  Thanks!!!


You can get this via the XBMC plugin for Amazon.  XBMC works great on ATV2.

I gave up on the idea of Amazon prime after seeing how slow Plex and XBMC’s preformance on the aTV2.  I think I’m going to sell it on eBay and look for another solution.  This just feels slow and clunky.  I think Apple really missed the boat on the aTV2.

me too, but apple did not chosed their hardware for jailbreakers and xbmc  :slight_smile:

but its way too slow, thats true…


anyway, +1 for the prime feature!

Would love to see Amazon prime as well.

You can use PLAYON and XBMC to get access to AMAZON VOD.  Used to work great, but lately getting some errors.  will keep experimenting.



I keep getting an error about 30 seconds into the Amazon VOD stream saying I have to update Flash Player. The stream just stops and the pop-up with that error appears. I’m running Apple TV 2 w/ atvFlash Black, PlayOn (on my Windows box) and XMBC on the Apple TV.


Anyone found a way to get rid of the error and stream Amazon VOD successfully??

The fix for PLAYON is the new version. But agree this is a clunky awkward way to use these services. Am thinking that a ROKU solution or some other box might have more appeal. It is all a big experiment.

Thinking of platforms. Xbox 360. Apple tv 2. ROKU. So many platforms to try. Most are dodgy solutions

Me too!  :slight_smile:

+1 amazon prime