Amazon Prime Instant Video

Have Apple TV Gen. 2 with FireCore’s aTV Flash installed.   Is there an app to watch Amazon Instant Video?  Thank you.

The Amazon instant video app for iOS was just updated to use airplay. HOWEVER at least on my installation it is not working.

Same here. I can’t get video streaming to work from the Amazon Instant Video app. Audio works… Anyone…? On my iPad2 I get an error saying Playback Error AirPlay Video playback is not supported on the selected device. (My selected device is the ATV2 4.4.4 running FireCore 2.3, FWIW).

Same issue, same hardware. Amazon is airplay will not work. Anyone out there tried it to a stock atv2 vs a firecore enabled one?

App reviews on iTunes seem to suggest we’re not alone in our problems. Let’s hope they update the app soon.

After updating one of my ATV2’s, I can confirm that Amazon Prime Instant Video does do Airplay video on the latest unmodified Apple firmware.

It does not work on my my other ATV2 with Atv Flash. I think v5.2, I saved my shsh but I’ll try stock for a bit. Hopefully I can downgrade if I don’t like it.