Amazon and Hulu work outside of US?

As the topic states, I can’t seem to get them to work. Do they only work in the US?

Hulu works in some countries (with different content). If you want to use Amazon and Hulu wherever you are, I cannot recommend highly enough. It’s like a VPN but works through DNS, allowing you to appear to be in the US (or UK, or wherever) for streaming purposes.

I have no connection to this company other than being a satisfied customer.

I give another major thumbs up to unotelly.

They’re excellent and incredibly stable.

That said, tunlr is completely free and works for Netflix/Hulu easily. Their service is much less reliable, and as it’s free you do not get the support you might with the paid services (I’ve also used unblock us successfully)

You can also create a US iTunes account with a whatever credit card and sign up to hulu through ATV, it’s the only foolproof way to get a Hulu subscription without the added cost/pain of a “fake” credit card.