Am I On The Right Version?

Everything works. Actually everything has been working forever. But I just set up aTV Flash Black on a friends ATV2 and noticed that his home screen has the snazzy looking buttons, and mine looks like the older home screen with the column style menus.

His screen:


It’s showing that I’m on ATV Flash (black) 2.4 , and ATV 4.4.4 (3330)

I wouldn’t even care about it, but it seems the one drawback is my iPhone will stream fine on his, but not on mine.

Any hints?

Ahh ok. I think I got it.

Since my ATV2 is jailbroken ATV2, I have to redo the jailbreak for a later firmware version, right? Is the latest jailbreak available the 5.3 firmware?

Thanks for the reply!

According to this site they’re still signing it (6.1.4 = 5.3)