Am I missing something using Trakt?

I’m noticing that if I watch something on my iPad using Infuse (Pro version) and later go to my Apple TV, that same show is not showing up at the top to continue where I left off. iCloud sync is turned on in both devices as well as logged into Trakt on both devices (scrobbler is turned on). What am I missing???

Are you using the free version of Infuse or the Pro subscription on all devices? The free version has one way sync. You can check the users guide to see if you may have missed something.

Will check it out, and yes I have the Pro subscripion on both devices.

On another topic since I have you… If Infuse is connected to a server like Plex, does it still direct play everything…even when remotely streaming?

Yes. Infuse only does direct play regardless of how you use it.