Am I just not getting this?!!

I have managed to 'Jailbreak' this black brick that I have bought after months of waiting. It's just taken me nearly two hours to finally to get this to work and now when I go to install any of the software that comes with it I just get an 'Installation Failed' message, am I doing something wrong? I didn't actually want the software I was trying to download, I just wanted to see if anything would work at all!! At the moment all I get is more options in the main menu, all of which are useless. All I want to do is watch AVI files through my ATV2 and I can't even do that, I'm so frustrated.

I see other people talking about Last.FM too and I have no idea how to install it. I have searched loads of forums etc but just can't seem to make sense of this bit of software. I'm by no means a tech-phobe but it just seems a complete hash job to me. If somebody could give me some advice then it would be greatly appreciated.

I am having the same issue. I just now got the thing working and I can't install anything. Install fails on everything. If I power the unit down and tether it again it doesn't even boot. Not liking this at all. I have waited a month to get this working as well. I have done the process 2 more times to make sure I didn't miss anything, but same results. I am willing to wait for now, but not to much longer. I can't get any of the NEW features to work at all! The whole point!!

I have just managed to get the extra menu options to appear by reinstalling ATV but install fails on everything, can't even get Last.FM to work! It's just a black brick with more useless menu options right now! I've come close to throwing it across the room a few times now, just wasted a whole evening on this rubbish!

Firecore is really dropping the ball here.  Not being available to support and answer questions directly after it announces the release of this new tethered JB.

Poor Customer Service FC.


Sorry, this is a Seas0nPass bug which is being worked on as I type this. An updated version will be available shortly.