Am I hopeless if Im on 6.0.2

So i see there is no jailbreak for 6.0.2 . Is there anyway for me to go down to 5.3? My old atv2 is great, but this new one came with 6.0.2


You can downgrade and jailbreak an ATV2 on 6.0.2 with the new Seasonpass 0.9.5 - right click on CREATE IPSW and choose 5.3

this works perfect as Apple is still signing 5.3!

but hurry - maybe they stop signing it soon?


Thanks for the quick response.

When i right click and go to 5.3 it says “this device is not supported by seasonpass”. They must have stopped signing, or I’m just a complete idiot. I’ve been sitting here for 3 hours reading trying to get this to work.

Are you sure you new one is a Gen 2? Sounds like a ATV3.

Whoa. I guess it is the atv3. No SP or any JB for that right?

Shou’dve checked that before I made an a$$ of myself.

thinking also you have an ATV3…


check at the settings under video if you have only 720P or if you are able to set it to 1080

atv2 only supports 720p


No there isn’t and not at all :slight_smile: