Always show posters, instead of folders

Hi, usually it’s like, if there is another folder in the folder that carries the movie, you will see a folder.
I prefer seeing all movie posters on the screen, therefore I erase all folders inside the main folder.
But I also want to keep the main folders, as it looks better on the Mac finder.
Suggestion: Is it possible, always to show the poster, no matter if there are further folders in the movie folder? As an option of course?
That would save quite some work, and there would always be a nice screen, only showing posters, without folders.
Thanx :slight_smile:

Just FYI, you can place a movie poster that you’ve downloaded from say IMDB or TMDB in the movie folder and name that pic “folder.jpg” and you will have the movie poster for that folder.
Movie Folder Poster Example File Structure

Thanks for the tip.
I tried, but then the folders with the jpg will still remain at the top, so the whole order is inconsistent.
Also, it would be cool, just not to do anything, and the whole screen is showing posters.
That’s just a little thing, but would make a lot of fun, for me.