Always display Titles in Grid View?

The new grid view iin RC1 s great - and I like the way that it is similar to the view used for items like Top Movies when one drills down on an item to see its metadata.  Interestingly enough I find the grid view quicker to navigate for folders containing many items as it only takes a few down-presses to get to the next page whereas the List view required considerably more.

However one change I would like to see is to always display the Title for items - not just when it is highlighted.  I know this is the way that the Top Movies behaves, but I am not sure it is ideal to not always see the title.     This is of particular importance for TV shows as the cover art does not tell you the name or number of the episode.   I think it is of less benefit when looking at Movies as the title is part of the cover art, but even there I think I might the title to always be displayed under the cover art…

Just to be really awkward, I would like the ability if it could be achieved to handle music in a hybrid mode.   What I would like is grid view until I get down to a folder that only has media files (i.e. hte tracks for an album) and when I drill down inside the alibum folder I would prefer list mode for the track listing.  At the moment the grid view at that level does not achieve much as you end up with the same graphic for each track (as I have album cover art embedded in each mp3 file).

I do not know how much of this you might be able to provide - but I guess if one does not ask may well not get a feature that may not be too hard to deliver.

We thought about doing those, though it just seemed really busy with all the titles displayed all the time.

I suppose we could add a toggle setting if there enough people that want it.

Screenshot attached.

That was what I was looking for, (in particular for TV episodes).   As I said I see it as being more important in a folder containing a TV series as in that case the cover art is not that much help in identifying the exact episode.  However I could understand it being easier to make it an all or nothing toggle and if that was what you did I would tend to have it on.  I agree it does make the screen busier, but I would put up with to have the title instantly visible…

It might be intersting to get some feedback from pther users as to what they would like.  I know there is at least one other user (my brother) who agrees with me as he was the one who bought it up in discussion with me  :slight_smile:

Would love to have a toggle switch

Toggle switch please! I would use this, I have a load of home dvd’s of holidays, the kids etc and I’d like to see the title displayed so great idea!

+1 for the toggle!