Always choose best version

I love that Infuse supports multiple versions and that it remembers your last choice. To simplify things even further, I think it would be nice have an option to always choose the highest resolution version. I have many movies in my library with both 1080p and 4K versions, and it would be nice to just choose the 4K versions automatically. There doesn’t really seem to be much reason to choose the lower resolution one anyway.


Last I recall Infuse does not support multiple version merged into the same title, unless using Plex as a source. The ticket specifically to address this is still open: Multiple versions of a movie

Are you using Plex?

Yes I’m using Plex. Via Plex it supports the multiple resolutions some of my videos have.

I love the Version selection menu of Infuse when using Plex Media Server. Especially when downloading media for on the go.

But watching TV Shows locally (for instance on an Apple TV) can be annoying if you have multiple versions of every episode (i.e. Blu Ray rips for local streaming, smaller compressed versions for remote streaming).

Every new episode will get you the Version selection menu before it starts playing. Like Netflix asking you if you’re still there… every single episode!

Not certain about a solid solution.
Maybe remember a selection for the whole serie (per device)
Or a general setting for local streaming and remote streaming in the form of max Mbps and based on that auto select the best Version when pressing the play button.