Alternatives to Infuse

I hate to have to ask this here, but are there alternatives to Infuse?

TMDb is terrible and has default ordering of shows that makes absolutely no sense in many cases. Their almighty moderators can decree that shows from a long running network like (which are on IMDb and TVDb) can’t be listed but have no issues listing 4+ hour D&D live streams from Critical Role.

Most of what I have in my collection is TVs and not movies…and having to deal with TMDb and the inability to have Infuse work reliably with local XML files without quirky workarounds shared by fellow users is quickly becoming a dealbreaker. This issue has been around far too long and I’m really not willing to deal with it anymore.


Why dont you just host a plex or infuse server and manage your metadata there? You can then still use whatever metadata provider you want. Infuse will just take server info and you can play your movies/ tv shows the same way.

I’m guessing you meant Plex or Emby or Jellyfin? :grinning:

Yes indeed, my bad

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I use an Emby server in both my Mac and Android TV and that way, I have the best of both worlds. I use Infuse (personally I consider Infuse the best app of its kind) and I can edit the metadata to my taste.