Alternatives to Airdrop to get movies from iPhone -> iPad

I’m on the road for a year with no real access to any computer and only my iPad 16GB (iOS8) and iPhone 128GB (iOS8).
I manage to get my usual torrents on my iPhone with a combination of Boxopus web page and the Filer app.
Some of you may ask “why don’t you get the files with your iPad instead of your iPhone”, well anyone who owns an iPad 16GB will know the answer to that: its out of free space. Haha.

Anyway, I tried the Airdrop option between the two devices without any success (see my other post). I tried putting Infuse in FTP mode on my iPhone and while attempting to connect with an FTP app on my iPad; it worked to connect, I could see all the files on my Iphone, but failed to transfer. Same bad luck with the “Via Browser” mode and connecting with the Mercury browser app.

I’m officially out of ideas and help would be appreciated.

I tried to accomplish this to see if I could figure out a solution. I have three Apple devices, an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1 with Infuse 3.0.1 Pro, an iPad 3rd gen running iOS 8.1 and Infuse 3.0.1 Pro, and a 2012 Macbook Air running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). Notably, the iPad does not support AirDrop because it does not support a recent enough version of BlueTooth (AirDrop requires the iPad 4th Gen or newer), while the iPhone and Macbook do support AirDrop.

Attempt: Send video file from iPhone to anything using FTP
Details: Opened Infuse on iPhone. Clicked “Share” button on a video file. Selected “Transmit” FTP/SFTP/etc app. Infuse launched Transmit, but Transmit always reported that I was trying to send 0 files.
Result: Failure

Attempt: Retrieve videos from iPhone using FTP client on iPad
Details: Opened Infuse on the iPhone. Put it in FTP mode. Connected to FTP via Transmit on iPad. Got a listing of video files. Received an error that the server (Infuse) does not support the RETR (Retrieve) command. Conclusion is that Infuse doesn’t support this.
Result: Failure

Attempt: Send videos from iPhone to Macbook using Airdrop
Details: Opened Infuse on the iPhone. Opened a Finder window to Airdrop location on Macbook. Clicked “Share” button on video file in Infuse. Selected Macbook. Infuse began sending the file. The file transfer began, but failed roughly halfway through. Infuse on the iPhone said “Declined” while Airdrop on the macbook said “The transfer failed. Please try again.”
Result: Failure

Attempt: Retrieve files from iPhone to Macbook using HTTP
Details: Opened Infuse on the iPhone. Put it in HTTP (Browser) mode. Right-clicked on file in Chrome and selected “Save Link As”. File transferred.
Result: Success

That’s all I could figure out. Infuse doesn’t support streaming from FTP or HTTP, (well, sort of, it does WebDAV over HTTP for playback, but it can’t serve it), and Safari and Chrome on the iPad can’t save files.

Have you tried using Filer on the iPad to download the files from Infuse’s webserver? You can open the iPhone’s Infuse webpage in Safari or Chrome or whatever on the iPad, long-tap the link to the file, copy the URL, and paste it into Filer to download. I don’t have Filer, so I can’t confirm this, but if it worked for you to get the files onto the iPhone in the first place, it should work to download the file to your iPad.

First off, great impressive attempts you’ve made. Thanks for the effort.
The error 500 “RETR” you witness after some FTP attemps, I got them also with a bunch of the FTP on the app store.
I haven’t tried your idea about getting the dl link with Filer. So I did try it. Attached is a pic of the result of the dl attemp. I’m no expert, but the files are showing 0 Bytes, so I won’t give much hope on it. Haha. But interesting to see that some metadata was dl like the file name.

Until I have access to a standard PC, I guess i’m out of luch for now.
Again, a big thanks for you help.

That requires a computer, which isn’t possible in OP’s scenario: this whole thread is about how to do the transfer without a computer.

If you have a computer, you can just use iTunes, and don’t need some other tool like that.