Alternative to Infuse on AppleTV

Dear all,
I use Infuse on an AppleTV and have linked Infuse to Plex. Everything is going really smoothly and I am very satisfied.
Now I have upgraded my sound system to 5.1.2 with Dolby Atmos and unfortunately noticed that the AppleTV does not forward Atmos to my AV receivers (Denon AVC-X4700H).
I am now looking for a solution to install Infuse on another device and bring 4K HDR videos with Dolby Amos from my network to my TV.
An installation on the TV is out of the question because it is a Samsung QLED from 2019 with Tizen as the OS.
Is there a solution for my wish?

THX in advance

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As long as you are using AppleTV you’ll never get TreuHD atmos from bluray rips (only lossy dd+ atmos from web rips).

I went with an nvidia shield pro and have used the native plex client as well as Kodi with the plexbmc addon successfully.

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I went to Zidoo Z9x and have brilliant results with Home Theater 4, including true hd dolby Atmos, 3D picture, picture Parameter adjustment and a great GUI.

I had an old Zidoo z9 player and loved everything about it except for the lack of a shared library (I’ve done Kodi with MySQL but it’s a pain in the ass to setup and maintain). Does their built in home theatre app support plex server yet or is it still just limited to local/network storage?

I don’t know, if ht4 supports plex. I am using network storage and share it between my two R81, which are identical to Z9x. It’s very fast. You save one library and load it into the other device, if necessary.
Saving and loading takes around 20 secs.

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