Alternative selection placement

When there are more alternative source files, my Apple TV shows the selector under the list of related movies:

Is this an intentional behaviour? I might be overlooking something of importance, but it would seem to me considerably more convenient to move the selector up, above the related movies, most probably somewhere to the close vicinity of the “Play” button.

P.S. Thinking of that, myself, I would even move the related movies under the cast. Nevertheless, that’s not important — just an afterthought, that’s all :slight_smile:

This is the Legacy details view, which was added after the release of Infuse 7 (which featured a new details layout) at the request of some who preferred the old way Infuse used to look.

There were some very strong feelings from users about where the related content row was placed, so that is why the layout is the way it is.

The Modern layout view may have a layout that is more akin to what you are looking for.

The „Modern“ look is just perfect! Thanks a big lot!

In Czech the default setting reads something like „Classical“ (instead of „Legacy“), which did not urge me to try to change it, my bad :slight_smile:

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