Already Jailbroken

Hi all, I just bought a Atv gen2 version 5.3, it’s already Jailbroken, it has Kodi and Nito TV. But I know so little about this, so I’m thinking about buying. Is there anything I should know before hand?
Regards, Walker

If you’re already jailbroken you can install aTV Flash (black) on top of your current setup.

Any outdated plugins will be updated, and you can install additional items through the new Maintenance menu.

Thanks James.

James you tell me to install atv flash black,(I get that its your job to sell me the service), but then I read things like this,
“James, as ATV Flash Black is severely crippled because of the missing AirPlay functionality, will ATV 2 be supported for much longer?”
Please advise. Walker.

Installing aTV Flash (black) won’t affect the AirPlay functionality, but AirPlaying from iOS 9 and later devices will require Apple TV 6.2.1.

6.2.1 can be installed with the current version of Seas0nPass, though it’s currently limited to a tethered jailbreak, which basically means the Apple TV needs to be connected to a Mac/PC whenever it’s restarted.

Oh ok. This only matters if I’m watching on my iPad or iPhone.
Thanks James!

Say James, if I’m already Jailbroken, should I skip this step? Or should I go to inseason pass and do it again?

It depends.

If you need AirPlay, you’ll need to use SeasonPass to install 6.2.1 first.

If you don’t plan on using AirPlay, you can keep 5.3 installed which provides a much more desirable untethered jailbreak.

Thanks for the reply James.
I need to answer that question, “do I plan on using AirPlay?”. I need to reseach ‘AirPlay and aTV black’.

Do I need AirPlay to send videos/movies to aTV with my Windows PC? Like movies in my iCloud?

AirPlay is used when you have a video on your iOS device or Mac that you want to stream to the Apple TV.

AirPlay isn’t available on a Windows PC, but with aTV Flash (black) installed you can stream videos stored on your PC to the Apple TV through the included Infuse media player.

Thanks James, you mentioned that a 5.3 jailbreak provides a more desirablable untethered jailbreak. Can you elaborate?

Never mind.