Already jailbroken tethered on 5.3

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My apple TV 2 is already jailbroken tethered using the previous version of seas0npass running IOS 5.3.


Now I see its been updated to include an un-tethered jailbreak for 5.3 in the new version of Seasopass.


How do i now get it from tethered to un-tethered?? Do i just jailbreak over the top?


What do i go guys??


Thanks so much for all you hard work to make this happen and help.


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if you have the atv flash go into maintenace and click on update, then click on the new tab untethered that’s it


if you don’t have the flash go into nito tv and it will be on the top line to untethered , but the fix in nito tv isn’t great because you will have audio and video problems.


then lastly, just download the newest verison of season pass and re jail break it


I don’t have theATV flash, an i don;t want video and sound option.


So i try option 3 of rejrealbreaking it?


Thanks for youtime!!

yes, just get the newest verison of season pass and creat the ipsw file. remember if you still have the old verison on your computer erase it so you don’t use it. A good way to know if you are running the new version is during the process itunes doesn’t open anymore so if it opens you are running the old version of season pass


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Hi, one more question. Can iOS 6 be jailbroken tethered now?

Many thanks for all your help?

The mapping between ATV firmware versions, the iOS version they are based on and the current jailbreak status can be found at

Thanks for that info. Very helpful.