Alphabetical List of Shows has Two lists

Newbie here. Just getting my library sorted for Infuse.
In my TV show folder, 95% of my shows are alphabetized by title. then at the end of the list there are randomly ~15 shows that start from A again in they’re own list. Am I missing something?

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That can happen when you have TV shows with only one episode and that show isn’t in a seasons folder inside a series folder.

Make sure that all episodes are in a seasons folder and those are in a series folder.

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 6.48.10 PM

That should get them all in the big list.

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thanks for this. i did check, and they sure are in that order.
(I previously used VLC and so I had to keep things on my drives very organized for navigation)
Since posting I have noticed that there is a difference between using the folder I pinned to the home screen and going through library - tv shows. not only do things appear alphabetical, but some of the artwork I was missing is there as well. Why on earth would that be?

Can you post a pic of the file directory for one of the shows in the first group and one for a show in the second?

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Turned out to be a newbie mistake. As you pointed out, in each case it was a directory thing. Some of them had weird filenames and others didn’t have a “season 1” folder since they were only one season shows. Added that it fixed it up.
Thanks for the help!

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I deleted my previous response because I was misremembering the circumstances of the issue and thus responded lacking context. I subsequently dug in deeper and now I’ll try to explain:

1] In order to facilitate correct title-matching when scraping my collection through Infuse’s TMDB API, I’ve discovered both movie and television series video files must absolutely not omit the leading articles “A” and “The” and the various non-English versions of the same (El, La, Los, Das, Ja, etc.).

2] To facilitate my sanity, I can’t possibly name the folders containing those files on my server that way. I can’t sort through a list of 3000+ titles when dozens of titles starting with “A” — “A Clockwork Orange” — and hundred of titles beginning with “The” — “The Matrix” — are misplaced from their natural title-case alphabetical order (because Windows, at least, does not display folders using Title-Case sorting).

3] I therefore name the folders containing “A Clockwork Orange (1972).mkv” as “Clockwork Orange ,The (1972)” and “The Matrix (1999).mkv” as “Matrix ,The (1999)”.

  • (I include the space before the comma, instead of after it, because otherwise another folder which I’ve named “Matrix Revolutions, The (2003)” would be sorted alphabetically prior to “Matrix, The” and clearly I can’t abide that.

4] When browsing by the Library (sort by Title), Infuse correctly sorts movies and series by Title Case with regards to the English leading article “The” but incorrectly does NOT ignore the leading article “A” and many others, including the German equivalent of “The” — “Das”, nor the Spanish “El”, or French “La”.

All titles beginning with “A “ are sorted at the beginning of the As — “A Beautiful Mind”, “A Boy and His Dog”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “A Few Good Men”, “A Fistfull of Dollars”, “A Good Day to Die Hard”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “A Quiet Place”, “A View to a Kill” … etc.

I have 59 such titles in my collection, only counting the English language “A”. None sorted where the ought to be, scattered through the list by the first letter of their first significant word, as the “The “ titles are, as seen here with only “The Abyss” correctly sorted with the As.

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