Alphabet location indicator when scrolling

Majority of infuse users must have only a few dozen movies on their libraries…
That’s the only think I can think that justifies the lack of investment in this.
How can someone expect a user to browse a library of thousands of movies with scrolling? :roll_eyes:

If you have thousands of movies, why don’t you use search or filter? That would be faster than scrolling through, wouldn’t it?

Didn’t you ever forgot about a movie name and just remembered that started with a certain letter? I must be getting old and the good old head is not the same anymore :sweat_smile:

Anyway, using search or filters is just a way to work around or justify the absence of such a basic feature…
Nothing personal.

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With over 1000 movies, scrolling in Infuse on the AppleTV to find a movie is just a stupid (and sometimes slow) guessing game of bad UX hoping I land near the movie I’m looking for.

Instead, it would be great to scroll my movies by swiping to the right to reveal the alphabet. Plex does this. Infuse should do this. It’s just a better UX.

I moved your post to a suggestion thread that is already running requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Also note this suggestion thread is tagged as “Planned”


I’m really hoping we have a run of UI/UX improvements in the pipeline. New features (trailers etc…) are great and all but there is an ever increasing number of usability features still in the planned stage.

It would be great to see them implemented.


:point_up_2:t3: Yes! Very much what you’ve said.


@james any update on this?

When can we expect this and other UX/UI improvements?


You can find the latest roadmap for features here.

Yeah, but this as been in the roadmap for literally years and just keeping getting delayed. Just check the conversation in this topic…


Yes that’s true :rofl:
Even if it’s in the Roadmap tagged as „pending“, it takes often still 1 year or more, because always other things are getting done first…

There is sometimes no end to it, because things are constantly being brought forward


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Is this still pending?? come on guys! is that so difficult to implement??

Upgraded to “In Progress”, actually.

Not really. The feature itself is “planned” still but is slated to be included in an Infuse update that is “in progress”. Minor difference but it still may become fluid as to which Infuse update it makes it into.

True, sadly.

I guess all we really can say is that this feature has so far survived the axe that many of the others (added together to same then in-progress next iterative update) subsequently fell to; even though the release date they’d all originally been slated for has long since come and gone.

Coming up on a 6th year anniversary for this request…


throwing in my two cents for this one. There are just a few features that Infuse needs to fully replace Plex’s native client for me, and this is one of them.