Allowing friends to stream from my Infuse

I haven’t founds any documentation or maybe i’m dreaming but is there any way i can have friends access my infuse account for them to stream?

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You can follow the instructions for family sharing through Apple but that’s about the only way.

Other than that Infuse isn’t a server in itself. It relies on the sources you sign into like a NAS or cloud service.

As far as i’m aware the iOS family sharing option only shares the Infuse subscription not the streaming data. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

You are correct. Family sharing only shares the app

Infuse is not a server app it’s only a media player with metadata capabilities. You would have to find another solution to share your files like a cloud server or a remotely accessible NAS.

If you want to share your media it’s best to look into something such as plex or emby to manage your library and serve it up to either infuse or their native player.

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