Allow to have a different view for movies and TV Shows on apple TV ?

Hi all

Just started playing around with Infuse for my TV series management now that movies are in order.

I noticed that Infuse is trying to display a “poster size” image for each episode, which often results in meaningless picture taken out of the episode itself.
I find this rather not user friendly as it takes lots of space on the screen. Imagine you have a season with 30 episodes, you will have 30 big ugly posters in the screen instead of a nice list of episodes with a small thumbnail besides each episode title.

So I switched to LIst view in the settings, fine for TV Shows, but then I got the suprise to see that my movies were also then presented in list view which looks totally wrong for movies I think. I have spent jours setting up nice posters for movies, I want them displayed.
And for TV shows, I would like to basic list.

So my question to you developers is : is it possible today to have a different view between Movies and TV Shows. If not, is it planned in a near future ?

I come from the Kodi world and I must say I am now missing with infuse the numerous views one can have with Kodi for presenting various contents (bannerview for TV shows, small posters, wall, carrousel, list with summary, etc…)

Hoping this all comes to Infuse soon !


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+1 for option to choose list view by folder.