Allow per-library and per-folder inline sorting

Sorting can only be defined in the settings. Doing so means all libraries and folders adhere to that one configuration. I want to be able to open any library or folder and define a sort while I’m actually looking at the content. Additionally, this sort will be remembered on a per-library and per-folder basis.


Agreed! Sorting should be a folder by folder setting, not a global setting.

For example, I want my “TV Shows” folder to be sorted by release date, my “Movies” folder to be sorted by date added, and my “Workouts” folder to be sorted alphabetically by name.​

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I was just about to make a post about this. There is a couple of things preventing me from trying to use Infuse as my playback app for Emby and this is a major one. I don’t want to have to resort each time I go into a different library.