Allow Pause while buffering

Hi all,

once again I’m loving the evolution of this app with every update :slight_smile: Solid work.

I live in good old South Africa…where, like the majority of Africa, technology takes 1 leap forward and 2.5 leaps back.

Anyways, I stream my content from - and for a couple hours a day internet gets shoddy, everyday.

So, if it starts buffering mid-show, I’ll go find something to do while it buffers - look at the lions outside my house (kidding) - but sometimes I come back and it’s already playing and yeah.

So, could you add a feature to queue in and listen for pause while it’s buffering - so when it buffers enough to start playing again, it auto pauses.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure but I believe that if you hit pause when it starts buffering it will continue to buffer and then you can go fill the lions cat nip toys and when you come back you can resume with the play button.

There’s also a setting for “Streaming Cache” that may work better if you set it to Legacy.

There’s a buffer indicator in the time line on tvOS Infuse that you can watch to see how much is buffered.

Hi there :slight_smile:

Strange, hitting pause when it starts buffering doesn’t pause it for me - it just starts playing auto when enough buffer was received.

Streaming Cache to legacy? I’ll give this a go thanks.

Since I don’t have a remote server I can’t duplicate the spinning wheel so that’s my bad. I thought it’d still pause even though it was spinning. Maybe if you quit the video when it starts the spinning wheel and restart it and then pause before it spins then you could let it buffer before restarting.

Nah :slight_smile:

IT buffers for at least 5 seconds for me before any video starts playing when using remote server, so no chance to pause.