Allow navigating into full TV show season list from an episode

When reviewing the full episode listing of a season at the bottom of a focused episode, I’d like to be able to navigate directly to the parent TV show. For example, if I’m on the last episode in a season, and I navigated to it from the Infuse home screen (very common workflow), and then when I finish that episode I’m returned to the season episode listing focused on the episode. At this point, it’s likely I want to continue watching the next episode from the next season, but in order to get to it, I must exit the episode listing, and from wherever I’ve landed, go and find the show the “TV Shows” library, find the show, select the season, then select the episode. I should be able to just click “go to show” from the episode listing.


Any update on this?

Seems like a very basic feature plex and emby have had since launch.

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None yet. I would definitely love this. Nothing like a little library cohesion to tighten up Infuse.

Its been 3 years? come firecore what is going here?

It is probably because this isn’t a very popular ask as only two people have commented so far. It does make sense, though, to be able to quickly move to another season but like you said it is when using the Home Screen. You can basically do this in library navigation by hitting back.

It would be really cool to have a button on the series episodes where you can jump to another season.

I was gonna ask for this feature too. Please add this to Infuse.

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I’d like to see this as well. +1

Don’t forget as per the post above yours

That’s how the votes are tallied. :wink: