Allow for Deeper Customization


I’m loving Infuse so far and can see myself buying the lifetime subscription. Although, I’d love to see some more deeper customization options added across all platforms. Here’s some items from wishlist:

  1. Allow customization of subtitles (fonts, font sizing, colors, backdrop, positioning, etc.)
  2. Custom duration for previous and fast forward (especially when using the arrows)
  3. Custom cropping of video, similar to what VLC allows. Very useful for cutting out black bars for Ultrawide (21:9) monitors.

Overall I’d say VLC is a fanatastic reference point for all the customization that really nice to have for Infuse as well!

Thank you!

There are already available settings for some and active suggestions running for the rest of these. Search is your friend. :wink:

1.For fonts that can be changed this is already available via a swipe down menu.

  1. Adjust skip forward/backward seek times

  2. Custom variable aspect ratio

One thing to keep in mind, when making suggestions it’s best to only do one suggestion per thread so others can show support for each individual item.

Support is gauged by number of likes for the first post in each suggestion thread.

Thanks @NC_Bullseye I’ll keep that in mind. Unfortunately the font change seems to be exclusive to tvOS and not available on macOS. I’d still like to see deeper customizations for fonts. Unless I’m missing something?

I’d see like to see deeper customization options for subtitles. I will make a separate post for that.

It is, tap the gear icon per the users guide.

Not not all subtitles can be modified so if you’re not seeing choices the subs can’t be modified. You may have to find subs that can be and add them.

Ah, I see. I think in general the app suffers from poor UX which makes it challenging to find this settings. Why is it a requirement to play a video in order to access these settings. These settings should be in the larger settings panel and act as global settings with the option to override something you’re playing in the player.

I also genuinely dislike the fact that the settings panel isn’t separate and requires you to leave a video you’re streaming in order to change anything settings. Ideally I’d be able to hit the ⌘ + , shortcut to access settings any time.

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