Allow "folders" to *BE* folders (i.e. show the folder itself in the list of files)

I’ve got several folders of various “types” of videos (e.g. “woodworking”, “metalworking”, “cars”, etc.). Now, all of the videos inside all of the folders are just combined into the list of all videos (or TV shows, or movies, as the case may be). It would really be nice to be able to just see the folder name itself and then click THAT to show all of THOSE files to play. If this is already there, I sure can’t find it or figure it out.

(is that clear?)


We’re planning to add an option to disable Infuse’s ‘Smart Folder’ feature in an upcoming version.

Please discuss here.

I was talking about files actually stored ON the iOS device rather than via network scanning. The thread you linked to, and what little I’ve been able to find about “smart folder”, seems to apply only to network files. If this also DOES apply to on-device files, then … I’m waiting for a way to disable it, thanks. HOWEVER, if this does only apply to network libraries, then please let me know, thanks.

p.s. I wasn’t really able to find much of anything about what even IS a “smart folder” thus couldn’t guess that that might have anything to do with my “issue”.

Yep, the same behavior is present for both local and streamed files.

This is actually how Infuse has always handled single video folders, but with the addition of the library options in recent Infuse updates it makes sense to allow more flexibility in how these folders are handled.

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