Allow defining any number of libraries

Infuse only supports two libraries, and they are “Movies” and “TV Shows.” There’s also “Other,” but let’s be frank–if your stuff ends up in “Other,” you’re probably dismayed with the amount of work ahead of you, and will likely do nothing about it.

On the Apple TV we can add these favourite libraries to the homescreen, but should we want to add another well-defined group of media that falls outside of these two limited definitions, we need to add a favourite folder. The main difference between these two types of favourites is performance. Favourite libraries are backed by an index and load very fast; favourite folders are backed by directly reading the source and load VERY slow.

Allow us to define any number of arbitrary libraries with whatever name we please, so that we can leverage the significant performance gains of having an indexed library. In addition, by allowing us to define a library, we should also be able to choose a source for retrieving all the metadata for these libraries, because as it currently behaves, Infuse just makes a best guess that an item belongs in the “TV Shows” library or the “Movies” library. If Infuse gets it wrong, though, there’s no ability to move it ([BUG] TV show episodes appear in Movies library). To summarize, we should be allowed to define our own libraries, and more importantly, define the metadata sources that power the matches within those libraries.

In my case, favourite folders are effectively useless, as they don’t load. I have too much content in them for Infuse to load them in any reasonable amount of time: I remember clicking on a favourite folder and waiting about twenty minutes before giving up and cancelling the attempt. Infuse needs to work on its ability to read folders, but this is another suggestion outside the scope of this one.


I strongly support this suggestion. I have asked for the same at

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Yes, I agree. Being able to create multiple libraries would be very useful.

Count me in, i would like to be able to create my Concerts, Sports…libraries.

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So strongly agre with this.

“Movies”, “TV-Series” and “Other” isn’t enough. I need at least “Homevideo”, “sport”, “Music” and “Documentaries”.

I just thought infuse was perfect :frowning:

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+1 … definitely needed


600 objects in “Other” that can’t be scrapped as of now. :frowning:

I agree with the above lets get more info for the other category


I also support it, I miss a home videos section with no metadata automatic seeking from Infuse.

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No update on this request :frowning:

Personally, I found no reason to upgrade to v6 from v5 pro, but if this feature, which should not be long to implement in a quick simple way, would be enough to decide updating my license. Later on, feature could be fine tune with more advanced capabilities

I would also like this. About half of my library is Anime. Having them bundled in with TV Shows makes the folder a wholesome pain to sort through.

+1 all my Pixar, minion, etc. shorts are starting to add up (70+). Definitely don’t want them showing up in all movies.

So strongly agre with this.

home videos, sport, documentary…(xxx) :smiley:

Would be happy to see this feature as well. I do have several series in multiple different languages and cut versions which cannot be merged (e.g. by combining all audio tracks in one file), but Infuse doesn’t yet allow to differentiate between series with the same name but different languages. Multiple libraries would solve this problem.

+1 here. My complete collection of Looney Tunes and Disney shorts (2000+) is very difficult to overview and search

+1 here - I’m finding that infuse is not assigning correct information to titles even when using data from Plex - It also transpires that you can’t always get the dvd order from tvdb as only shows the aired order which is different to dvd order.

Even if they allowed the search on imdb and let you use their reference number for the search

Also allow other scrapers - being mainly a windows and android user, I’ve used mymovies in the past for cataloguing all my titles, yes they make some mistakes but you can manually edit the information for yourself so it is correct.

It’s a +1 from me.

I want a standalone Library with all the search features for all the content I’ve watched. Then a completely separate Library with all the search features for all the content I have not watched.

I keep my watched media in a separate root folder to my unwatched media. So I’d like a separate Library function for each.


canceled Pro subscription until this is added as it makes absolutely no sense to use Infuse without this feature when having seperated libraries.

Bump, we need this. Me, for anime. TV Shows is too cluttered