‘All TV Shows’ empty

Using Plex for library. TV Shows is checked under library, but the count is not under TV Episodes, but it’s under Other. Anyway to fix this?

I removed and added back Plex. TV shows are now under ‘TV Episodes’ and some under ‘Other’. The content under other ‘Other’ are TV shows. So odd.

Normally, if an item hasn’t been scanned yet, Infuse will place it into the Other category. It will be moved once it has been classified as a movie or TV show.

Has Infuse completed its library scan?

You can view the scan status in Infuse > Settings > Library.

Yes it did.

What I did to fix it was go to Other, click/hold on each TV show, and click refresh. It automatically removed from Other and added to TV show.

One thing you can try is refreshing your library. To do this, go to your Plex server, click on the three dots next to your TV show library, and then click “Refresh All Metadata”. This should update the library and hopefully fix the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to check your metadata settings to make sure that the TV show category is properly selected. You can do this by going to your library settings, clicking on “Advanced”, and then selecting “TV Shows” as the metadata agent.