All TV Shows doesn't match TV Shows Favorites Cover Art

When I go into Library and look at TV Shows All I see all the artwork. For example, I see the show Deadwood and it has the Deadwood series artwork. When I go into Favorites (TV Shows) I see Deadwood as a folder but no artwork.

Is there some setting I need or is this a bug?

Here is a picture of what I am trying to describe. Library view Deadwood shows up. In Files view it does not along with a lot of other TV shows:

Have you tried doing an Edit Metadata on one of the episodes of Deadwood and re-selecting the correct show? Sometimes a refresh will bring it back.

If not, how do you have the files organized? Series folder, Seasons folders, episodes? Or Series folder, episodes?

I tried edit metadata but that does not help.

I have it organized:
Series: Deadwood
Deadwood Season 1 (folder), each season is in it’s own folder in the Series folder
Deadwood.S01e01.mp4, etc. for each episode.

I have other series organized the same way and they work in all views.

I appreciate the help, any other ideas?

Apple TV has the same issue…this is Pro version.

First, just to double check, what is the version number of Infuse you’re running?

Here’s how I have the structure of my test files.

Here’s how it looks in the “Current Test Files” folder on the ATV.

And here’s how the Deadwood folder looks inside the Current Test Files folder

Thanks. I renamed my folders from Deadwood Season 1 to Season 1 and it worked.

I have some others that are not working still. Here is Fawlty Towers. I tried both Season 1 for folders and Series 1 (since it is British). Neither worked.

I believe the problem with Fawlty Towers is that you have no space between the Fawlty and Towers in the file names.
I’d also stick with Season 01 for the season folders. I’ve heard some issues with using Series on some shows.

Ok. Space did not work but period did: Fawlty.Towers.s01e01, etc.


What is really odd is in the library view it shows the series cover art even when not organized by by season. For example, I have Line of Duty all in one folder and it works fine in this view. But in the TV Shows (favorites) on Apple TV is does not show cover art and will not even play. It seems like it should use the same logic in both views.

I will just clean up the remaining shows and folders that are not working.

Thanks again!

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Glad ya got things ironed out. Sometimes after looking at things so long you can’t see the problems. I’ve done that several times. :wink: