All the same!!!

Purchased atvflash, updated ATV, installed atv patchstick and now have the same as most on this forum (which I joined due to the frustration of reading everyones posts) can we not force ATVFLASH into sorting this out it seems to me that their is something basic wrong with it as the same problems seem to re occur time and time again, I know they have to play catch up with apple but theirn own web site says its upto day with snow leopard so with leopard 10.5.8 surely I should have any bugs.

What issues are you running into?

Google not working,slow to respond to Firefox, Adobe flash won’t install, nito streams restart finder or just go blank, slow to respond to atvflash installed parts and lots of apple logo times.

To help troubleshoot your issue can you double-check the AppleTV and aTV Flash version your currently have installed?

The AppleTV version can be seen in Settings > General > About.

The aTV Flash version can be seen in Maintenance > About.

Going through process of installing again (20th nov 2009) so if it does’nt work I have which ever version of ATVflash is availible for download on this date as well as the current version of appletv too, i will list what doesn’t work when I’ve installed everything too !

19:37 friday, 20th November 2009, Re-installed ATVFlash, No google earth at all, tried a stream in Nito just makes appletv restart.tried weather app, got my local code from URL, weather restarts atv too, Can VNC into it “thats slow,” Terminal logs into it and will reboot it and thats about all. Do you know I’m getting bored now so I will try out other features another day but it looks grim!!!

Sorry just tried two different podcast and you’ve guessed it nothing happens. Ha Ha Ha!

“Podcasts” Sorry some do eventually work, are we asking too much is the processor too small to handle it, are we being unreasonable, or like every other manufacturer do they use us as a test bed for problems!!!

Saturday, tried VCL apps and it doesnt work either just get apple logo, boxee crahed ATV, trying a stream its loaded eventually but frozen video.