All the metadata of TV shows are in English

Today morning I found that every Tv shows’s metadata has changed from Chinese to English in my library.
My language setting is Simplified Chinese and never changed. But all my TV shows’s metadata changed to english automatically.
That is weird because all my movie’s metadata is still Chinese, it means that there’s some wrong with TV shows metadata, plz help.

By the way, even though I change the metadata language to Traditional Chinese or even Korean, Tv shows’s metadata is still english, while movies metadata will change to Traditional Chinese or Korean accordingly. I tried to refresh my Library or delete metadata and reload, even reinstall the infuse, all doesn’t work.
PS: all my movies and TV shows are stored in OneDrive

I find something in TMDB support.

Not sure if this may have been a temporary issue at TMDB, but it appears to be working normally for me here.

Can you try using the Edit Metadata option on one of the affected titles, and selecting the series name? If you want to do this in bulk, you should be able to use the ‘Refresh Metadata’ option found in Settings > Library.

it looks like a temporary TMDB issue, today morning I refresh my library and everything back. Not sure if it will recur. Thanks for your help.


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