All Shows Listed As Specials

This afternoon, all of my TV shows randomly started getting condensed down to one folder for each series called Specials. I’ve tried clearing the metadata as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but nothing has helped. All of the episodes are there, but they’re all in one folder with the wrong titles. For some like Doctor Who, there are only a limited number of episodes that are viewable. Nothing has changed from yesterday to today. All of the episodes are on the hard drive, and they’re all named the same way as they were previously. I haven’t added or deleted anything. If I turn off metadata fetching, they all appear. When I go to edit the metadata for an individual episode, I can see that it’s named properly, but it won’t revert back to the correct setup. I’m on tvOS 10.2.1 and Infuse 5.4.1 and I’m using an Airport Extreme router running firmware 7.7.8.

What could be causing this? It’s very frustrating.

Sorry for the trouble. This is currently being investigated.