All ok for me

Steps that i did

restored with my custom ispw

<moderator edit - sorry, please don't share ipsw links here>

if you get errors on itunes put your device in DFU before.(hold menu plus play at the same time for 6 sec.then release.)

then once that was done i made shure it was all good by using limera1n (must put back in dfu mode)

so plug it back to TV then run the installer AtvBlack(if you want to see if it will work try to ssh to it.if that works your installer will to.)

then voila.install all the rest and set insetting disable the ios updates!

have fun!

now we need a free netflix..

Good to hear.. I had no chance of putting this into DFU.

Tried wih snowbreeze, pwnge tool and limera. No Joy.

plug to pc try iREB fallow there will work.


but what i do is press down arrow(down on remote) then it reboots then i press menu plus play/pause for a couple of will see the litle flash irregularly..