All of it

Ok so I have the latest version of ATV Flash running. I installed that. Rebooted the Apple TV. Uploaded the correct Core Audiokit.framework to the Documents folder where there was nothing in it.

I then installed the Nite Smart Installer. Rebooted after this.

I then installed Adobe Flash. When I click installed it shows a web address for macromedia … and appeared to be downloading… is this correct? After INstall I rebooted.

Looking at the Apple TV via FTP I noticed in documents that the CoreAudioKIt.Framework folder is gone… is this supposed to happen?
This is what I see in this folder now…

ATVFinstall.log … this is in the log ( 2009-10-17 20:00:42.016 mHelper[191] Root filesystem already writable )


nitoinstall.log (2009-10-17 19:35:47.062 nitoHelper[182] Root filesystem already writable
2009-10-17 19:35:47.707 nitoHelper[182] Unmodified 2.3.1 detected
2009-10-17 19:35:49.137 nitoHelper[182] kernel patched for USB and/or watchdog successfully!
This software is copyright 2008 Turbo (Mike Byrne) and MAY NOT be distributed.
All rights reserved.
Contact for more information
Installing kext enabler… OK!
Installing Turbo’s SSE3 emulator… OK!
2009-10-17 19:35:50.459 nitoHelper[182] Enable UI Scripting Success!
2009-10-17 19:35:50.710 nitoHelper[182] Mouse Locater Installation Success!

2009-10-17 19:35:50.711 nitoHelper[182] Mouse Locater Preferences Installation

I have web pluggins checked on the internet settings…

Now when I go to any website, apple tv is unstable and go right to the apple for 5 to 10 seconds then show the main menu screen again…

Anyone else had this problem? Am I need of doing something else… Very Frustrated… Help would be great…