All My TVSHow/Movies Are In Others library ? please Help me

Hi …


help me i read all post with the same problem but nothing work :confused:


My movie folder are sort like that exemple with movie name “Dude, Where’s My Car”

/Mynas (share)

. . . . /My movies (folder with content type set to TV)
. . . . . . . . . /Dude, Where’s My Car stuff goes in here (Dude, Where’s My Car/poster.jpg/Dude, Where’s My Car)

and for Tv show with castle show example …


. . . . /TV Shows (share)
. . . . . . . . . /CASTLE (folder with content type set to TV) >> Season 01/Season 02 folders … with Folder.jpg)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /SEASON 01/  stuff goes in here (Castle - 01x01 - Des fleurs pour ta tombe … / folder.jpg (pic for season folder)


When i try to use library method … it scan folder … he found 300 movies and 2200 series in setting library …

But in the library view every movies and show are in Other …

But Goal are to sort like that :

 All my movie are in movie library

All my tv show in tv show library

All my children movies are in others library 


Please help me and sorry for my bad english i’m french…






You can explain me with an example for name of movie or tv show …


For example in my case … i have MyNas (folder) with inside Movies ( folder) and tv show ( Folder)

For movies all my movies are in a single folder (with MKV files / Poster.jpg / Nfo files )

example …


. . . . /MOVIES
. . . . . . . . . /Man of Tai Chi
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /Man of Tai Chi.mkv

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /POSTER.JPG 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /Man of Tai Chi.NFO 



For Tv show 



. . . . /TV SHOWS
. . . . . . . . . /CHUCK
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /SEASON 5

. . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . /Chuck - 05x01 - Ma petite entreprise 

. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . /Chuck - 05x02 - Le bandit barbu

. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . /folder.jpg (season pic)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /Folder.jpg (Tv Show pic)




Please help me for rename mymovie and my tv show ??..


I use SickBeard and CouchPotato please help me for a good naming method ?.. every try does,'t work all my movie series go to the ohters :confused:


My tvshow folder are in TV show , i reloaded meta data … nothing in tv show nothing in movie everytung mixed in Others :confused:

Please help me …

Post some file names, that is going to be most of your problem. Also you will need to set the type on the TV Shows folder because it defaults to ‘Movie’ and won’t find any of them.


Try adding the year to the movie names, eg. “Man of Tai Chi (2013).mkv”

My tvshow and movie folder are set in movie/tvshow (in infuse)


For exemple of name i use Sickbeard so i can easily rename all my Tv Shows .



In my movies folder i try to rename Man of Tai-Chi (2003)

I refresh metadata for movie folder and “Man of Tai-Chi (2003)” folder …

i refresh my library and everytything including Man of Tai-Chi (2003) are in Other :confused:

for information my tree are 

Mynas/Les films/Man of Tai-Chi (2003)/Man of Tai-Chi (2003).mkv …


PLASMA says :

Navigate to the folder that holds your TV Shows and the press and hold the select button on the remote. A menu should then be displayed and change the content type from “Movies” (which is usually the default) to “TV Shows”


for do this in My files i go to the “Distant” i see all shared folder and on my tv show flder i press and hold the select button on the remote … and for my ovies folder i do to press and hold the select button on the remote …


I précise i 'm french and my movie folder have accent …


My movie folder >> “Les films”

mynas/lesfilms/Man of Tai Chi (2013)/

…Man of Tai Chi (2013).mkv

…Man of Tai Chi (2013).nfo

…Man of Tai Chi (2013).jpg

My Tv SHow folder >> “Les séries”

mynas/Les séries/Castle/

… /folder.jpg

… /Saison 01

… /folder.jpg

… /S01E01-Des fleurs pour ta tombe.mkv

… /S01E02-Jeunes filles au pair.mkv

… /Saison 02 etc …

My movie kids folder >> “Dessin animés”

Mynas/Dessin animés/Happy Feet/

… /Happy Feet.mkv

… /Happy Feet.nfo

… /Happy Feet.jpg




you can juste show me in your library how you name you movie or you tv show juste show me an example …




Hi sorry for the delayed reply I’ve had a rather busy weekend and New Year!

Ok, so To clarify a few things I only have one file with a .jpg and an .xml and thats because I couldn’t get it to be recognised, all other movies / shows are just the single mp4 file and it all works great! All my movies are also in the same folder. i.e. /Movies I do not have sub folders with actual movie names and then the movie file in there. I have 4 shares set up in my Apple TV name and share path below :-


Movies = NAS/Multimedia/Movies

Kids Movies = NAS/Multimedia/Kids Movies

3D Movies = NAS/Multimedia/3D Movies/3D Movies

TV Shows = NAS/Multimedia/TV Shows/TV Shows


My folder structure on the NAS is as follows the ‘Multimedia’ folder is the only one I have shared on the NAS the rest are specific path shares under that as above. The reason TV Shows and 3D movies have 2 nested foilders is firstly so that I can add them as a Favourite on the top nav bar of the ATV, the second reason is so that I can set the Content Type to TV Shows and just drop them all in without having to change the content type on every sub folder.

My movies are all in the following filename format (I remove all spaces, the year is inside [xxxx] and format and sound options are at the end) I also check that the year is correct on TMdb to make sure the right meta data is found …





My TV shows are structured like this …

NAS/Multimedia/TV Shows/TV Shows/<Show Name>/Season X


NAS/Multimedia/TV Shows/TV Shows/Arrow/Season 1/

NAS/Multimedia/TV Shows/TV Shows/Breaking Bad/Season 1/

NAS/Multimedia/TV Shows/TV Shows/Breaking Bad/Season 5/


Inside those folders my TV shows are named like this …





Hope that is clear enough and gives you an idea of how mine is set up, happy to try to provide more information if you need it.

Kind Regards


thanks it’s works … :slight_smile:


ia have only few movies in others ( but only 3 ) i have 320 movies :slight_smile:

i have one question … i have 3 sharde folder (Kid show/Movies/Tv show)

How i do to create in library a kid show part ??.. with only (movies inside ‘kids movies’ fodler)

The only way you can do it is to double nest the folders.

NAS/Multimedia/Kids Movies/Kids Movies

You can then ‘Favourite’ the Folder ‘Kids Movies’ and it will appear on the nav bar at the top. Selecting that will show only movies in the Kids Movies folder.

Unfortunately they will also show in the Movies section. But using the above you can at least see the Kids stuff on its own.


Sorry i dont’ understand how you do … the only thing that i found it’s to have movie+kids movies and un library choose all movie for me and fammilial movie for my kids …

You can explain exactly how you do for have only kids movie …

for infos

in my nas … 

mynas/les films (movies folder)

mynas/Les séries (tv show folder)

mynas/Dessin animés (Kids movies folders)



Ok I will explain this as best I can. You already have a share set up like this…

mynas/Dessin animés (Kids movies folders)

Leave the share exactly as it is but inside that share add another “Dessin animés” folder and move all you Kids movies in to this new folder so it now looks like this …

mynas/Dessin animés/Dessin animés

Do a refresh of the library and let it re-locate all your kids movies. On your Top Nav bar when starting Infuse I asume you have …

Movies  – My Files – Settings

Go to the “My Files” section, in the lower right hand corner under “Remote” you should have one listed as “Dessin animés”. Select this and it should take you to a new screen with another “Dessin animés” folder in the top left hand corner. This is the new folder you just created and moved all your kids movies in to. Now Press and HOLD Select on this folder, it should pop up a menu and you can choose to “Add To Favourites”.

(On this menu you can also set the content type which is how I set my “TV Shows” content on the folder)

After adding the favouite your top Nav Bar Menu should look something like this …

Movies – Dessin animés  –  My Files – Settings

The “Dessin animés” section should now only show the kids movies. the main Movies section will show both but if you wanted to make it only show Movies, simply remove the default “Movies” favourite, add a Movies folder to the share and add that as a favourite in the same way you have added the kids movies.

I think that all makes sense, any questions just ask, I could always try and ad screen shots if you are still having trouble.




I understand but you use library method or simply Shared folder method …

For do that it’s more easy to add SMB SHARED Folder “kids movie” and Add it in Favoris … but this method have probleme for load the page (it’s too slow) and you dont’use a database fir thumb … and impossible to colllect infirmation …

are you shure with your method your use library method .???


thanks for all plasma … :slight_smile: