All my dual 2.0/5.1 files play 2.0 on Media Player

Hey guys,

So far Media Player is amazingly good! I still just have one problem with it, maybe someone can help me.
I have tons of old AppleTV files converted using VisualHub and Handbrake, all those files have 2.0 and 5.1 tracks, both in the same language and with the same track, to be able to play either through AC3 passthrough or on a regular TV without an issue.

If I use those files with Media Player it’ll only use the 2.0 track, is there any way to  reproduce the old AppleTV behaviour and use 5.1 if the digital output is enabled?

Thank you!

MP is supposed to choose an AC3 track over stereo automatically if you have AC3 enabled, but for some reason it’s not always doing this.

We’re working on a fix…stay tuned.

Awesome! Thanks James :slight_smile:

Will this help all who are not getting AC3 passthrough?